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The acquisition of psychotropic drugs and all other types of illegal drugs has become a national scientific industry. And not only in Russia, by the way. Therefore, people are wondering how, in fact, to find a seller who can be trusted, how to buy goods from him, how not to end up “not found” and what is the best thing to do in general? Even if the name MEGA darkmarket doesn’t mean anything to you, don’t be scared: this is exactly what you need!

In 1995, buying drugs online sounded like an absurd idea. In 2005 – as complex and confusing. Since 2015, this has been the norm. And it doesn’t matter which “department” of the Internet we are in: the substances are available both on the dark web AKA darknet and on more popular sites. Today, the most reliable and easiest way to solve this issue is ссылка MEGA darkmarket. The marketplace is based on the principles of all the best: staff, prices, and service at a level that can only be described as “super premium deluxe”. Price lists are longer than the Chinese wall, there are enough positions for the whole world. And the site management is always ready to meet your needs!

Official сайт MEGA onion

We have our own “through the looking glass” – this is a place where no cops, bloodhounds, cops, gangsters, mafiosi and other ideological personalities will get. And where you can seamlessly make any purchase. To get there, you can use the free services of our bot, it hides (but not really hidden) on the Internet and is searched through the query “MEGA bot” in a search engine from Google or Yandex. Always check which links you follow, otherwise you risk catching a virus and/or leaking your data to attackers.

The battle of the shield and the sword is eternal, the battle of hackers and their victims is also eternal. The more perfect the attack method hackers invent, the more seriously they create protection methods. And the more powerful the defense was invented, the more sophisticated ways hackers will invent. But the classics – MEGA onion phishing links and manipulation of consciousness – will die out only together with humanity. Be alert!

Working зеркало MEGA SHOP

A phishing link is a beast that mimics a certain site in order to extract data about the login, email, phone number, password, password and any other data of users of this site. If you clicked on a phishing link and entered your details, then you can say goodbye to them. And you should urgently save your money, change passwords and appearances.

These are the questions we get asked most often:

  1. Why can’t I open the marketplace site?
  2. What’s with the mirrors? Which ones are currently active and relevant?
  3. How to identify a phishing link and which МЕГА даркнет links are OK?
  4. What link can I use to enter the MEGA marketplace right now?
  5. I have Tor Browser. How can I log in with it?
  6. For the first time I hear about the MEGA MARKET площадка. What is she like?
  7. How to invest your first cash on the marketplace?
  8. The marketplace never rests. Online around the clock. Seven days a week. No matter what time you have on your watch, no matter what city you are in, no matter what drug you want, we always have a seller who will solve your problem. Right here. Right now. The number of payment methods, of course, has not yet come close to Graham’s number, but you can pay both with your phone balance and with a bank card. Both from a bitcoin wallet and from QIWI. VTB, Sberbank, Tinkoff, Alfa, and at least Raiffeisen Bank – we will process any transaction.

Площадка MEGA on the dark web

The MEGA marketplace has not only positions with narcotic substances. We also successfully provide services for exchanging any currency, starting with the phone balance (MTS, Megafon, Tele2, Beeline), ending with YuMoney, for bitcoins for further purchase on our site. Delays are possible at very high site load.

Never heard of DDoS attacks? And we heard. And we are often booked as a target for these attacks, and this sometimes leads to temporary unavailability of some or even all pages of our site. During this time, you can use our mirrors, at least one of them will definitely work!

Instant магазин MEGA MARKET

Sellers are not spherical horses in a vacuum and have their own rating based on customer reviews and their shopping experience. Given the rating of each seller, you can easily find a store that you can trust 100%. And we will help you solve any problem.

Our conviction that only the most reliable dealers have a place on our site is a guarantee, but not a panacea. And once in a thousand purchases, either “not found” or “underweight” can happen. And in this case, you should immediately write about this incident to technical support. The more information you provide and the more site rules you know, the faster and more pleasant this problem will be solved for you.

If you compare Tor Browser with cars, then it is at least a Ferrari or Lamborghini. Premium encryption quality, maximum connection reliability and minimum leakage of your personal information, multiplied by high speed and simplicity, thanks to which this tool is understandable even to retired housewives. We recommend using this browser to make purchases and other actions on our website.

How does Tor Browser work and how can I use it to get to the main and other pages of our MEGA darkmarket marketplace?

We have long and thoroughly hid from the eyes, arms, legs and other parts of the bodies of enemies in the shadow Internet. Everything from our main page to forum threads is located on sites like .onion – super-strongly encrypted pages, which are not enough to get direct access to all the gaming computers in the world, united in a botnet. And we regularly update and modify the links so that the level of security is always ahead of any efforts of hackers and their groups.

How to access the MEGA сайт through the Tor Browser

Do you use bookmarks in your browser? This is right! Add our mirrors and the main page to bookmarks, and you will spend much less time shopping!

We warn you: the use (especially excessive) of psychoactive substances has a destructive effect on the body and can be the cause of your death!

The situation in the world is as follows: many developed countries, using numerous amendments to the criminal codes, with the help of the decriminalization of certain psychoactive substances, have been able to reduce direct and indirect mortality and crime associated with these groups of drugs. And this practice is becoming more widespread. In Canada, for example, in a test mode, they decided to legalize almost nothing, but heroin. And in Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union, this is exactly the opposite, and if earlier you were thrown into jail for half a year for a bag of powder, now you can end up behind bars for the rest of the term of the current president and for a year for one leaf of marijuana above. It is because of this that people are forced to visit anonymous sites and use all kinds of protection against identification. What actions to take if only dog ​​excrement was found at the site of the alleged treasure or the degree of luck is not so low, but you are still dissatisfied with the volume / quality of the substance?


It’s time to write to MEGA darknet technical support! If it is not yet written on the watch that twelve hours have already passed since the purchase, then you still have time to open a real dispute and in all details, without omitting a single, even the most insignificant, trifle, to tell and show what happened and what should have happened instead. With enough information received from you, the dispute will most likely be closed in your favor, and you will receive compensation either in the form of a “remortgage” or in the form of a refund.

The most frequent cases of fraud on the part of users of our site are writing in support of angry messages that you were sold a dummy from new accounts. For this reason, the likelihood that you will be helped with underweight, missing, and any other problem increases with age and the number of purchases from your account. We thank you for your understanding.

Отзывы МЕГА даркнет

Our administration has only benevolent people, and we always strive to help you, but any kindness comes to an end if you write insults, write off-topic and use obscene and other abusive language instead of clearly and in detail describing what happened. We reserve the right to refuse to provide any services and even block your account in case of violation of these or any other site rules.

Ten, nine, eight, seven, and at least six in the morning on the clock – you can still visit the MEGA darkmarket marketplace at these and any other moments and, without noticing any resistance from either ours or anyone else, buy either a modest bunch of cones, or a strategic supply of screw, mef and tranquilizers for an entire military operation. And not only this. We have a wide range of items in our assortment, and they are not limited to marijuana, mephedrone, pervitin, valium and heroin. You can buy any drug that exists in nature, even the rarest and considered extinct items are available. You can visit us both from the kettle and from the satellite dish. More mundane methods, such as iPhone, android, personal computer and tablet, are also fully working. And it doesn’t matter what city you live in, we will find the treasure man anyway. But for obvious reasons, residents of the largest cities (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar, etc.) can count on the best assortment and the fastest delivery of valuable cargo. The best browser is TOR.

So, let’s summarize the above about the MEGA onion site. How to actually buy something:

  1. We land on the official website of the site or use a mirror (just make sure that the coordinates issued by the command center do not turn out to be a phishing link from the first page of Yandex issuance).
  2. Now we are waiting for the registration process. Unlike registration in Moscow, this is free and only requires you to come up with a username and password so that it is convenient for you, but too difficult for hackers.
  3. We transfer money from our wallet to the balance on the trading platform. Phone balance, rubles from the savings card, money from the sale of skins on qiwi and a yumani account – all this will do. But the best thing is a direct transfer of bitcoins from a crypto wallet.
  4. And now the most unpredictable. Now you need to find a dealer on the MEGA onion marketplace, decide what and how much you are going to buy (the most difficult thing), and click the “buy” button. Done, you are amazing!

In any layout of Tarot cards, the entire administration of the MEGA darkmarket trading platform is rooting for you and wants to help with any incident. Provide an address? Give a link to the mirror? Make a rebooking? We can do all this and more for you. Just don’t forget about security and Tor Browser.

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